Karen V. Swaine


Queenstown/Wakatipu ward (six seats)

Your age: 46 

Job: archivist and researcher of local and family history 

Family: Partner of 12 years Michelle Buckham, a local videographer 

Years in the Wakatipu: 10 years in Arrowtown 

Main claim to fame in the resort: probably most well-known as past spokesperson for the Wakatipu Environmental Society, but prior to that as area co-ordinator for Southland REAP and as a tutor for the Alternative Education programme 

Main reason for standing: I’m looking forward to the opportunity to approach local issues in a more pro-active way than was possible with the watchdog group 

Single biggest issue of interest: The seemingly ever-increasing rates and increasing pressures on infrastructure. I believe this issue can only be successfully managed with responsible governance, and an integral part of this is open and transparent democracy informed by strong community input 

Biggest gaffe: Once at a family gathering years ago, I tried to
introduce a friend to her own parents. I still haven’t lived that one down