Jundt’s musical junta


Swiss artist Tobias Jundt has fond memories of New Zealand.

The German-based muso, frontman of electronic rock band Bonaparte, wrote his first song here in 2006 – one lyric “Mighty, mighty Wellington” stands out in his memory.

He classes the guys from Fat Freddy’s Drop as mates and the boys pop in for dinner when they are in Europe.

“It isn’t just about the music; we’ll have cooking sessions, lot of laughs. It is more about lifestyle and having fun.”

These musical friendships are what make NZ so special, he says.

“I am always really inspired by everything here and go home with ideas for songs and things to create.”

Jundt thinks this explains the quality of music coming out of the country. He raves about local performers and spent a recent two-hour radio show in Germany showcasing NZ bands.

To say he’s excited about his gig in Queenstown today, at The Sherwood, is an understatement.

The resort is new territory for him and he can’t wait to explore.

Jundt is the one constant in Bonaparte, which is a loose, collaborative arrangement.

Pre-tour, he puts out feelers to see who is in town or sends out requests to see if anyone wants to perform with him. Then he just figures it out.

“I put together a band, I send them the songs and then we play shows.”

He admits this makes performing more challenging – but it’s a lot more fun.

If he can’t find anyone to perform with he just does it all himself.

“It’s beautiful because it keeps things fresh and interesting. The thing about a normal band – how do you stay excited about each other and the music if you have been touring for 10 years?

“I meet new people and it can inspire me to take a new viewpoint on my music. It is a cool thing.”

In terms of musical philosophy, Jundt tries to deliver a message with each track.

This can be social, political or just a thought. One of his last tunes was about selfies – asking people to consider simple actions.

His Queenstown gig promises to be high-energy.

“I’ll just focus on everyone having a good time – get everyone dancing.”

Tobias Jundt, frontman of Bonaparte, plays The Sherwood, today. Tickets $10.