John Carter


Rating: 3 ¾ / 5 stars
By Sally Burgess, Technical Manager 

Anyone who enjoyed Planet of the Apes or Gladiator will find something to enjoy in this latest sci-fi romp from the Mouse House. (That’s Disney to us, folks!) 

John Carter is a Civil War veteran who finds himself transported to Mars (“Barsoom”), where he is at first imprisoned, but ends up fighting to save the planet from the real baddies, who are British of course. There’s a beautiful princess, lots of fighting against strange creatures and young Taylor Kitsch (previously seen in Wolverine) leaping around with not very much on. So there’s something in it for the girls too. 

I’m not normally a sci-fi fan but I found myself genuinely interested in what happened next. It’s an old fashioned, large-scale romp that’s fun to watch and the special effects are fantastic with some very realistic CGI aliens. British actor Mark Strong must have bought several houses just playing bad guys lately, and he doesn’t disappoint as the shape-shifting villain. 

The violence in John Carter is no worse than Avatar so I’d say this was family friendly. 

Leave your brain at the door and give John Carter a try. Recommended. 

Standout Performance: Taylor Kitsch. More please. 

John Carter
Rated: M- contains violence
Starring: Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins
Genre: Sci-Fi/Action
Running time: 132 mins

This movie is now showing at Reading Cinemas in Queenstown. This review has been written and rated by Sally Burgess of Reading Cinemas Queenstown.