It’s time to party non-stop


Pirupa’s introduction to the music world was pinching records from his uncle’s vinyl collection.

He listened to loads of different genres growing up — disco, pop, punk and rock.

Standout tunes include AC/DC’s Back In Black, Talk Talk’s It’s My Life and Depeche Mode’s Just Can’t Get Enough and he’s a big fan of U2, The Cure and REM.

Pirupa’s dad was a musician and encouraged him to get involved in the industry.

“We have music in our blood,” the Italian DJ says. “A passion that started when we were born many years ago.”

In saying that, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to make a career out of it.

He thought about being a football player or doctor.

“In the end, the love for music was much too big.”

When he started to DJ, he took his cue from American house and techno music. But it was a move to London, in 2000, that had the biggest bearing on his career, which has thrown up top tracks such as Party Non Stop and Get Funky.

Pirupa — real name Piero Pirupa — plays Queenstown’s Barmuda tonight as part of Electric Rush.

It’s his first time in this neck of the woods and he can’t wait to spend a couple of days, having a nosey at the sights.

The gig will be intense, he says.

Partygoers can expect a high-energy techno and house set — one where you just want to keep dancing.

A career in music isn’t all a bed of roses — he reckons it can be a lonely life.

“It’s not easy to travel every week. No sleep, no good meals, [being] all alone. It’s a very hard job and not as easy as people describe it.

“Travelling alone, it’s very hard do all these trips without friends or a manager and dealing with people that don’t speak your language.”

On the upside, he gets to discover new places and meet new people.

“I have played so many memorable and crazy shows. I played in many funny and weird places too … in water, in a cave, in the snow, in the rain. [It is] unbelievable how mad this job is.”

After his Queenstown gig, Pirupa is Aussie-bound, followed by sets in Spain, Italy and America.

Electric Rush featuring Pirupa, supported by Tim Richards, Ribera and Sinclair. Tonight, Barmuda, 9pm. Tickets $20. R18.