It’s showtime, darlings


Caluzzi cabaret show comes with a warning – don’t bother coming if you’re not ready to have fun.

Expect big hair, glitter, heels and flamboyance. The show’s part of Queenstown’s Gay Ski Week QT, which kicks off on Saturday.

Artist Miss Kola Gin tells Mountain Scene the show celebrates all things fabulous and is somewhat controversial.

The performances are tongue in cheek and most aspects have sexual connotation.

“If you talk about blowing up a balloon it’s going to be transported to something else. People expect you to be brash,” she laughs.

It’s best enjoyed by people with an open mind and those ready to have fun with no boundaries.

Gin didn’t have a typical introduction to drag – it wasn’t the cliche of dressing up as a youngster or dabbling in makeup.

She even describes herself as being ‘dragophobic’ before getting into it. What happened was a straight friend told her she had to wear a frock on a night out.

“I then just fell in love with it – I’m a thespian at heart really.

“It was such great fun and wildly entertaining. I’m quite shy and I get to do things in drag that ‘William’ wouldn’t do as a boy.”

Everything changes when she puts her hair on. Gin reckons it’s like being possessed –her drag persona takes over.

The hair, makeup and heels make her feel like she can achieve anything.

It’s not your typical gig because there isn’t a stage.

“The restaurant is the stage. It’s never about us – it’s about all of us together.

“The audience, the music, the involvement – that’s what creates the atmosphere.”

There will be a huge energy on the night. Gin reckons it will be totally over the top – something the audience will no doubt expect.

The music on the night will be themed and will include elements of Kiwiana, such as a glowing poi.

The music will influence how the girls dress and interact with the audience. Gin reckons the show will give people a real sense of culture but also showcase Kiwi drag at its best.

For Gin, her favourite song is I Want To Be Evil by Eartha Kitt, as it sums up her drag personality.

“But maybe I am more like a desperate housewife of Hokitika,” she laughs.

Gin will be joined on stage by fellow drag artists Miss Ling Ling, Miss Taro Patch, Miss Zoe Devine and Miss Victoria Secretzz.

Catch Caluzzi at Skyline Restaurant next Wednesday, 7pm-12am. Tickets $115.R18