It’s metal stay calm


Christchurch band Echolypse play a genre of music seldom heard in Queenstown. 

The foursome’s instrumental progressive metal will provide an uncommon night out for gig-goers at Dux de Lux tomorrow night. 

Influenced by everyone from Swedish extreme metal band Meshuggah to Pink Floyd and Radiohead, their music ranges from the industrial to the ethereal – often in the same track. 

Guitarist Nathan Law says: “The band before us, Awakened Inferno, are more high-energy and thrashy. 

“But we’re more atmospheric. We’ve got the metal side – with lead guitar solos and fast drum patterns – but also the calm melodic side. 

“With us you’ll get a lot of dynamic range, so you’ll be going on a small journey listening to the music.” 

Law, his drummer brother Marcus and keyboardist Mark Chirnside, all in their early 20s, have been gigging together for three years. They recruited new bass player Kaine Hood earlier this month. 

“He’s at jazz school and has a really good musical background so should be a good influence,” Law says. 

“He’s been able to write over our tracks, providing another layer. It’s not really normal bass playing in terms of just following what the kick drum is doing, or the rhythm, he’s moving outside of that, expanding on the riffs a bit more.” 

Echolypse recently won a competition to open for Auckland nu metal outfit Blacklist, four former members of Blindspott. 

Catch Echolypse supported by Awakened Inferno at Dux de Lux Thursday 26 July. Doors open at 9pm and admission is free