It’s Complicated


By Blair Griffiths, Readings Cinema
Rating: 3½ (out of 5)

Nancy Meyers has written and directed some of the best ro-drama-coms of the last decade. What Women Want, Something’s Gotta Give, and The Holiday are all top notch films on every account. Her producing credits go even further back and include Father of The Bride, Baby Boom and Private Benjamin. So when you see her name attached to a new film that stars Steve Martin and the always amazing Meryl Streep you know it has to be gold, right?

Well one thing’s for sure, IT’S COMPLICATED!

Here is how it works. Jane (Meryl Streep) and Jake (Alec Baldwin) are divorced.

Jake is married to a very young Agness (Lake Bell) and Jane is being wooed by Adam (Steve Martin).

While in New York for their son’s graduation, Jane and Jake hook up in a moment of revelry. Now Jake wants a fresh start with Jane but is still married, plus Jane isn’t really sure she wants her husband back and is interested in Adam. So see, it truly is complicated.

Throw in the fact that they are trying to keep this all under wraps from their kids, friends and everyone else only makes it more complex.

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this movie. Well worth the money.

The casting was well suited to the characters and the plot had a couple valuable lessons to teach about modern-day life relationships.

The film kept me thoroughly entertained and there’s wasn’t one moment I could have easily gotten up for refreshments.

My girlfriend and I came away still talking about it. It really was an enjoyable film. Definitely a must see.

IT’S COMPLICATED is showing at Reading Cinemas Queenstown.
Length: 132 minutes
Rating: M
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cast: Meryl Streep, John Krasinski, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin and