IP Challenge Trophy Returns to Pelican Nest


The cup is back.

Jacks Point Angry Dragons hosted the IP Challenge Trophy over the summer and treated it with the gravitas and respect it warranted, although it had to be sterilised after a nasty incident involving a gerbil, left-over chocolate mousse, and a prominent local businessman. JPAD made sure it was the second most travelled sporting treasure in the South Island in 2009, just behind the Ranfurly Shield. Several lucky brides now have wedding photos featuring the “Log o Wood” and Queenstown’s sports own pinnacle prize. Lucky lucky girls. Well done to the Dragons on holding the cup over summer & getting it out to the masses. Rest assured we intend to continue your fine example.

The seasons first day began in traditional Pelicans format with a warm-up from our strength and conditioning coach, Scooter. His concoction of a very alcoholic Bloody Mary with a ½ Berroca thrown in (called the ‘Rotorua’) was a good heart starter and got the boys into the right head-space.

The opening round game wasn’t just a trophy challenge it was also an opportunity for a few old faces to resume battle for the Pelicans and one virgin appearance. Leighton Morgan, a long time Pelicans supporter finally managed his eagerly anticipated debut and showed his credentials with the games tops score. He arrived with a kit bag that had more gear than a Columbian drug dealer and more than timber than the average firewood pile. He put his bats to good use by getting the innings off to a good start, but also must be the first Pelican to apologise for top scoring & saying ‘sorry boys I can’t slog, I’m better off playing proper cricket shots’

Stick around Leights, we’ll show you the way…

Most batsmen got a few, especially CJ who chipped in with some brisk runs, as did Dzin & BaaBaas towards the end. Paddo made sure his extremely high strike rate was maintained, however 0 from 1 is not that only way to do this. LP was sawn off with the only LBW of the day, Finchy (the umpire) explaining that he wasn’t out for being LBW, but for missing a slow full toss. LP manned up, gritted his teeth and accepted the decision well, not mentioning it at all for the rest of the day.

The final total to defend was 118 [after the book was audited by Whopper Pirie and his mates from the IRD.]

Reg was given the ball for his famous 9 Slips delivery and delighted us all with a legside bullet that LP did well to catch up with. JPAD got away to a swift start with the attacking field leaving a few gaps at cow-corner, over the slips and deep back square leg. Gadge and Bails slapped a few runs about for the JP Dragons, although by mid-innings they were more Grumpy than Angry. A couple of bowling changes, some inspired fielding, quality keeping and tonnes of pressure had JPAD on the ropes needing about 40 from the last 4 overs.

Finchy chipped out 2 wickets, including the dangerous opposition skipper for the games second golden duck and JPAD were out of the game. BaaBaas and Leighton finished off the innings with 2 overs of high quality slow bowling. Victory was ours.

Oh yeah, Paddo got 3-b*gger all from 4 overs as well, well bowled big fella.

A updated Minging Ginger Player of the Day Award was presented at the Ale House. The inaugural award going to Scooter for his fantastic rehydration skills and innovative warm-up routine.

The lads enjoyed several Speights and 2 chooks from Frewsers fine establishment and added the Challenge Trophy and yellow jersey* to the Ale House Pelicans display case.

This year the Pelicans have introduced Fantasy Cricket, shamelessly copied from the online versions that are played by cricket nerds around the world.
Each player is scored on his contribution to the game in the following manner:
Runs = points Wickets = 20 points Catches/Runouts/Stumpings = 15 points Maidens and Not Outs = 5 points 









Next weeks game is the big local derby, vs Fernhill/Sunshine Bay. It’s similar to other famous local derbies like Celtic v Rangers or Otago v Southland, but without the hooligans, knitted scarves, singing and swede jokes. The Challenge Trophy is up for grabs so it should be a thriller.

See below for the weekends draw.

The team for this weekend is as follows…

1) Bruce Romerial
2) Dzin
3) Dippers
4) 9 Slips
5) Finch
6) Ralph
7) Paddo
8) CJ
9) Baa Baa
10) Damo
11) Dan

Millbrook Cricket Club (to which many Pelicans aspire…) is also hosting a game this weekend at Millbrook corner; good luck to them.

Congrats to the newest Pelican parents Neki & Liz Patel. Hope to see you and the family at a game soon.

Drew from Sombreos has generously offered to give all Pelicans Players a discount when eating at the restaurant. Tell the staff when you book that you play for the Pelicans (they have a list of names) and you will get 15% off the bill. Muchos Gracias gringo.

 For the financially minded members please note that BC – The long nosed pig – has a current balance of $342.00

Remember – The Pelican is the only bird that nests inside active volcanoes.