Inner Balance


Canada 2007 8min (short)
Directed by Brian MacKenzie

This is something completely different. This zany film shows unicyclists riding in all manner of situations.  Most of which any normal person would be uncomfortable attempting on a two-wheeler.

Through the snow of Northern Ontario, along mountain bike trails and in a variety of urban settings, this is Brian MacKenzie’s follow-up to Training Wheels Not Required.

It offers some of the coolest riding, and some incredible filming techniques including many scenes filmed with a Glidecam while riding a unicycle.

The film features some of the top riders in their respective riding styles from Canada, USA, New Zealand, and Australia.

Adam Cohen weaves through the busy streets of Times Square, Manhattan choosing lines that bob and weave through pedestrians, taxis and buses.  Brian MacKenzie rides alongside, filming the whole way.

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Banff Mountain Film Festival 2007