Indie trio a cover-free zone


Queenstown’s only indie rock band Eddie Ledderhead insist they’re not in it for the money.

“If that was the case, we’d be like almost every other group in town and churning out Bon Jovi and Abba songs every other night in the bars,” drummer “Dangerous” Dan Pugsley says.

Pugsley, an Aussie, is joined by two Celtic imports, Irish vocalist/guitarist Emmet “Goo” McCarthy and Scottish bassist Liam O’Connell.

The trio is fiercely proud of its self-penned music and have-a-go attitude.

“Eddie Ledderhead is actually Gaelic for ‘we don’t do covers’,” Pugsley jokes. “We’re among a small handful of bands in Queens­town that perform their own music and we are certainly the only one doing original indie rock.”
The band got together two years ago and began crafting tunes in a local church hall.

“At first it was just a bunch of mates jamming together, having fun and a few beers,” Pugsley explains. “But after a while we decided to get out there and let other people hear what we’re doing because we have a lot of energy and put on a full-on live show.

“We have now converted my garage into a rehearsal space and studio, so we’ve even got our very own Eddie Ledderhead base.”

As well as building a following in the Wakatipu, Eddie Ledderhead have also staged gigs in Invercargill and Wanaka.

They launch their debut CD The Trials and Tribulations of … with a gig at Revolver on Sunday.

“We can’t wait to get up on stage on our own turf and say we’re playing songs from our first album,” Pugsley says.

The nine-track punk and grunge effort was recorded at Black Star Studios in Kingston and will be on sale at the show as well as from Play It Again in O’Connell’s Shopping Centre.

“We’ve sent a few copies to radio stations around New Zealand and have been getting some pretty good feedback,” Pugsley says.

“The CD isn’t designed to make us a fortune overnight though – it’s more of an introduction to what we do,” he adds.

Catch Eddie Ledderhead at Revolver on Sunday from 9pm