Ice Age 4


Starring: Ray Romano (Manny) Wanda Sykes (Granny) Denis Leary (Diego) Queen Latifah (Ellie) John Leguizamo (Sid)) Jennifer Lopez (Shira) and many more…

Directors: Steve Marino & Mike Thurmeier

Screening: Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue: 11:00 1:15 3:30 6:00 Wed: 11:15 1:30 4:00 6:45
Run time: 94 minutes
By Sam Moore – 11 years old – Arrowtown Primary School student

Due to Scrats continuous fixation with the acorn he accidently kicks off an earthquake causing the continental drift. 

Manny, Diego and Sid are force into the Sea after the giant earthquake separates them from their families. They are left with nothing but the iceberg they are standing on so they use the iceberg as a ship. Manny is so eager to see Ellie and their daughter Peaches again but before the possibility of being reunited they stumble across a group of pirates and are captured; this is where another action packed adventure begins. 

My personal favourite character is Granny (voiced by comedian Wanda Sykes) she is one of the new characters and she got the most laughs from the audience. Granny is left with Sid after Sid’s family ditched him again like they did in the first movie. 

I found the movie to be full of fun and adventure and with a whole ship load of new characters it added another dimension to the previous Ice Age movies. I highly recommend this movie to everyone and this is a movie families will enjoy watching together as it has a big family focus. If you’re an Ice Age fan you won’t be disappointed and if you are new to the Ice Age movies this movie will make you want to see the previous Ice Age movies.