Hot Dub Time Machine at The Find


FORGET Deloreans and The Tardis – Aussie DJ Tom Loud has the coolest time machine of, er, all time.

Loud – aka Sydney-sider Tom Lowndes – has a Hot Dub Time Machine.

The DJ and video artist has taken festivals and clubs across the world by storm in the last six months with his innovative show.

Loud takes ‘hot-dubbers’ on an epic audio-visual journey through music history – a ‘time-travelling dance party’ featuring the greatest dance-floor bouncing tracks from the last 50 years accompanied by custom visuals.

“The response has been amazing,” Loud says.

“It’s all the songs people love from 1964 through to 2014, presented in a way that feels like a huge rock festival.”

Each song is played in a strict chronological order with visuals on massive screens – with everything mixed and mashed live on the turntables.

“I try not to be the mash-up guy with the songs too much because I think DJs can do too much of that, try to be clever,” Loud says.

“I always try to play the original version and let the song stand up on its own – with the format of Hot Dub Time Machine, and the visuals and lights, giving it all a fresh feel.”

Lowndes, 35, was one of Australia’s most in-demand TV sound designers, mixing for the likes of Underbelly and Sea Patrol, before creating the time machine show in 2011.

“I’d been DJing for a long time but couldn’t find a niche for my taste in music – I get bored very easily and never used to like DJing just techno or just hip-hop.

“So I thought long and hard about it and came up with … ‘time travelling dance party’, and now it’s my job, which is awesome.”

The success saw Lowndes swap 9-to-5 for weekdays with one-year-old daughter Lizzy and wife Alexandra Plim – and weekends away.

Plim though appears virtually in the show as Lulu Loud, the Hot Dub cabin attendant and Time Lord, who guides the party from on screen.

“It’s been a real transition but the whole family’s coming to Queenstown – we’re going to spend a week there. We’re really excited.”

Catch Hot Dub Time Machine at The Find this Saturday, from 9pm. $15.