Horrible Bosses


Rating: 3 / 5 stars
By Sally Burgess, Technical Manager

Horrible Bosses will strike a chord with anyone who has worked for someone they truly hate. In this movie, we have three of them to despise. 

Julia Harris(a particularly foul-mouthed Jennifer Aniston) is a very randy dentist. Her victim is Dale (Charlie Day, most recently in Going The Distance), her dental assistant who has to put up with random acts of neck licking, crotch spraying and many other things that cross the professional line. 

Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey, almost reprising his role in Swimming With Sharks) is, just like our standee says, a slave driving psycho. His victim is Nick (Justin Bateman), who works all the hours thrown at him because he just knows there has to be a promotion coming. 

Bobby Pellit (a combed-over Colin Farrell) is a coke-snorting imbecile who takes over from his dead father in the running of his chemical company but hasn’t a clue how to. His victim is Kurt (Jason Sudeikis, most recently in Hall Pass). 

Dale, Nick and Kurt conspire to have their bosses bumped off, and find help in the form of the brilliantly-named Motherf***** Jones played by Jamie Foxx, who becomes their ‘murder consultant’ for the bargain price of $5000. Soon, our intrepid would be assassins find themselves deep in trouble trying in vain to kill each others’ bosses. 

Horrible Bosses is laugh out loud funny at times, and in particular, Jennifer Aniston gives the most memorable performance going against type as the man-eating dentist. Colin Farrell has a great time playing cokehead Bobby, with lines like “I want you to fire the fat people”, and being creeped out by one of his wheelchair-bound employees. Kevin Spacey doesn’t even have to try playing boss from hell Harken, but I’ll watch him in anything. So, I would say that I had a good time with our Horrible Bosses. 

However, the film does tend to drag its feet at times. I think the film would have worked just with Aniston and Farrell’s characters, and to be honest I would have liked to have seen more of both of them. I think most men watching Horrible Bosses wouldn’t actually mind working for Julia! 

Overall, Horrible Bosses is a good movie, it just could have been so much better.

Standout Performance: Jennifer Aniston/Colin Farrell
This movie is now showing at Reading Cinemas in Queenstown. This review has been written and rated by Sally Burgess of Reading Cinemas Queenstown.
Horrible Bosses
Rated: R16- Offensive language, drug use & sexual content that may offend
Starring: Justin Bateman, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston