Hippiefest rehash

Peace and love: Worldstock

Queenstown’s The World Bar knows the ’60s were all about grass.

So the Church St bar’s ordered 200 square metres of the stuff for  its annual Worldstock festival.

Before the cops go on high alert it’s worth mentioning that’s real turf rather than sweet, sweet (but illegal) Mary-Jane.

The World’s being grassed inside and out for the festival — which aims to capture something of the spirit of the legendary Woodstock.

Now in its sixth year, the no-costume no-entry bash features nine acts over Saturday and Sunday.

Calico’s Gemma Healy’s performed at all six.

“We don’t do a theme set but there’ll be some Hendrix, The Beatles, ’70s, right through to modern funkier stuff for later on [like] Pharrell and Bruno Mars.

“It’s a great event to play — there’s always a peace-and-love vibe.”

And while a ’60s vibe is the goal, much of the music will be contemporary beats.

Invercargill dubstep and hip-hop band Rhymonyx headline on Saturday.

And also on the bill are Barcelona-born local DJ Ribera with his underground house, funk, reggae and R&B, long-time resident DJs Stubacca and Mr Salmon, as well as newcomer DJ Mad.

Acoustic duos Midnight Express and Tom & Yuki will provide counterpoints to the deck-based tunes.

Events manager Suzy Scott says: “We transform the whole bar — grass everywhere, the bar itself looks like a campervan and the shed is an acidy-trip room.”

Scott says Saturday night’s a bass music rave feel while Sunday’s a day session chillout.

“We’ll be packed out — lots of locals and then the backpackers doing a mad dash to the budget shop for some hippy gear.”

Monday will be the big clean-up — ahead of the Playaz 20th anniversary gig on Tuesday night featuring DJ Hype, ANNIX and MC Daddy Earl, with support from Just Cause. Tickets to that are $25.

Admission to Worldstock is free.