Hip-hop act plays in Queenstown tonight


Auckland-based @peace vocalists Lui Tuiasau and Tom Scott are hungover and on the road.

It’s the morning after the gig night before and both are on the phone to Mountain Scene somewhere near Leigh, north of Auckland.

The hip-hop act is touring the vinyl release of its pioneering debut album @Peace and the Plutonian Noise Symphony.

The tour, with special guest Louie Knuxx, comes to Queenstown’s Skybar tonight (Friday).

@peace started as a side-project for Home Brew’s Scott, Nothing 2 Nobody’s Tuiasau, and producers/instrumentalists Christoph ‘El Truento James, Hayden ‘Dandruff’ Dick and Brandon Haru.

After two successful EPs, they released the debut album in March. 

It takes hip-hop on a psychedelic trip into outer space, drawing together bass-driven harmonies with elements of jazz, funk and soul on a cosmic theme.

It’s unorthodox, like their answers:

What was the thinking behind the album and who was the driving force? 

Scott: “That’s a big question. We were sitting there one day, thinking about our fathers and where we came from and it all kind of stems from there.”

Tuiasau: “Ahh no. It was actually ghost-written and that’s why we don’t know anything about the album – we’d have to consult with the people who actually wrote it.”

How does it translate over to a gig?

Tuiasau: “The gig’s a four-piece. We just happen to have the keys-smith from Ladi6 [Haru], he’s just a very sexual individual who knows how to beat the drum and plays the keys.”

Scott: “Occasionally beats us too but not on stage.”

Tuiasau: “It’s Dandruff Dicky and B. Haru, aka middy fingers.”

How long did the album take to come together?

Tuiasau: “We’ve done projects in between but the album basically took our whole lives – it’s something we’re real proud of. We put all our energy into it. We’re sort of at a point where what da f*** do we do next, ain’t got no more gas left.”
Scott: “We’re real tired.”

What would you say to people coming to the gig – what can they expect?

Tuiasau: “Put some 3D glasses on – half blue and half red and we’ll see if we can do something. No, straight up we’ll put on a show and it will be good.”

Anything to add?

Scott: “We’re really excited to come down, show’s gonna be great. Louie Knuxx is real good, that’s who’s playing with us.”

Tuiasau: “He’s the man. He just came off a European tour so his show’s real tight.”

Scott: “It’s gonna be a good show, we can’t wait to get down there. South Island’s always mean.”

Tuiasau: “We’re hungover so we’re making dumb jokes but we promise to do something special.”

Catch @Peace and The Plutonian Noise Symphony at Skybar tonight (Friday) from 9pm.
R18. Tickets $20