Heard 27 November 2008

  • Ever wondered if docs mind being called quacks? It’s obviously not a problem for local medico Hans Raetz – he’s set up a new company and called it Quack Ltd.
  • How’s this for Sail Queenstown’s tag-line: “Luff Your Socks Off”.
  • Another wisecrack spotted on a Wicked campervan: “If you learn from your mistakes, why aren’t I a genius?”
  • Tourism’s our bread and butter but while restaurant waiting staff earn about $13 an hour, the going rate for babysitters is $15-$20, I’m told.
  • Local SBS and Westpac bank managers Allan Motion and Francis King only discovered they were near contemporaries at Dunedin’s Wakari School when they attended the school’s recent 150th anniversary celebrations.