Head like a Hole needs you


Message to all trumpet players in the Wakatipu – quirky, hard-rocking Wellington band Head Like a Hole needs you. 

The group’s guitarist Nigel Regan is inviting any trumpeter who learns their song Crying Shame – check it out on YouTube – to come along to their Queenstown gig at Revolver tomorrow night. 

“To any fans out there, if you want to join the band, we need a trumpeter. Turn up and you might just find yourselves in the band.” 

Regan’s serious and suggests ringing the venue to find out when they’ll be there for sound check. 

“We’ll jam it through a few times – the more, the merrier.” 

Any potential candidates might want to clear their schedule for the next fortnight – the Revolver gig is the second of a tour that plays seven more dates finishing in Mt Maunganui on September 3. 

And don’t worry – they’ve toned down their hard-rocking lifestyle. Well, a bit. “You can’t clean up too much – you’ve got to keep it a bit rough around the edges. We drink a bit but there are no hard drugs or anything going on,” Regan says. 

Regan attributes the success of their latest album Blood Will Out to their cleaner approach and general good vibe amongst the reunited bandmates. It’s self-released and the first of theirs to make the charts. 

“When the best things happen for Head Like a Hole the ideas always seem to come out of the universe like gifts almost and it’s when we’re getting on like that that the gifts sort of come. 

Regan adds: “I noticed that when the drugs and antagonism got into it in the late 90s those gifts kind of start disappearing.” 

As well as the new stuff, the band will roll out plenty of their older songs, which include memorable numbers like Comfortably Shagged, Cornbag and a superb cover of Bruce Springsteen’s I’m on fire. 

The main thing for Wellington-based Regan though is he and frontman Booga Beazley – who turns 40 the night of the Queenstown gig – have recreated the buzz of the band’s early days. And they’re all having a great time since getting back together two years ago. 

“The fact is we all work fulltime jobs and on the weekends some of us have to fly to Auckland to practise and it’s actually a very expensive hobby,” Regan says. 

“So it’s got to be enjoyable otherwise I could be in a band in Wellington and not make any money.”

Catch Head Like a Hole at Revolver tomorrow night