Have you got what it takes?


Zany outfits are being primed as brave Birdman contenders prepare to take the mid-winter plunge for Winter Festival’s wacky Day on the Bay. 

White bikinis, blonde wigs and a hot tub proved a winning formula last year for the Hush Spa team, who took home the Birdman title for the second year running with their saucy entry. 

The Hush Spa crew aren’t returning to defend their title and make another icy dip as they’re too busy, but spa manager Jen Hodgson says it’s a great chance to get the creative juices flowing and doubles as a team-building exercise. 

“It’s so much fun organising and on the day it’s a lot of adrenaline – we loved it,” Hodgson says. 

Festival director Simon Green says the popular Birdman is the perfect chance for businesses to promote their brand. 

“Over the years images and video clips have gone worldwide after this event so it is a great opportunity for local businesses to get themselves noticed.” 

Birdman teams are now limited to four people since a Winnies restaurant employee sustained back injuries during last year’s capers after her workmate landed on her in the water.