Hamiltones trio about town


Hard-working family band The Hamiltones are now Queenstown favourites after four years.

The Dunedin three-piece have decades of experience as individual performers but only came together as a band when they moved to the resort.

Drummer dad Ivan Hamilton has been a regular on the Dunedin scene since the 1970s and passed his musical ear onto daughter Stacey and son Marc.

Since forming a family band, they’ve filled countless dance floors at weddings, pubs and corporate functions – amassing a repertoire of 150-plus covers

Stacey says: “Dad’s been a musician since 15 – he’s 62 now.

“All his life he’s played drums and sung. Marc’s the same – he was in half a dozen bands in Dunedin and up in Auckland.

“It was a very musical household growing up, music all the time, lot of fun. So when we all ended up here, we thought we’d give it a go.”

Vocalist Stacey says set lists are determined by audience energy.

“If people are up and dancing we keep those songs going. It’s about reading the crowd,” she says.

“People still like a lot of the older stuff – The Doobie Brothers, The Eagles, that sort of thing,” she adds.

Stacey says the repertoire covers the past 50 years of music.

“Myself as a vocalist I love The Pretenders and Pat Benatar – she’s amazing, she really is. We went to see her in Queenstown, right up the front mosh-pitting it, she’s still got it. I felt like a teenager again.

“Marc loves Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty, he sings that well, and dad sings a lot of the 70s music, Play That Funky Music.”

Stacey and Marc play Ballarat in The Mall tomorrow, from 9.30pm, then Pig & Whistle on October 23