Gypsy’ sticks to her roots on first tour


Free-spirited musician Erin hits Queenstown on her first national tour this weekend. 

But the 27-year-old from Timaru is no stranger to life on the road. 

The singer/songwriter has spent years developing her craft – from gigs in Christchurch bars and Tasman cafes, to touring Australia with band Animoki and collaborating with Malaysia’s top reggae musicians in nightly live sessions on the island of Langkawi. 

“This is the first time I’ve toured New Zealand – a planned tour with an itinerary and everything,” Erin says. “I was mostly just drifting before; I’d happily say I’m a bit of a gypsy. It does fit well with me to be on the road. I guess I picked up a lot of inspirational influences [while travelling] but I think my music has remained pretty roots-based. 

“I call it ‘roots’ because it’s my roots, it’s what comes out naturally.” 

Erin recently finished recording her first solo album in a friend’s home studio – but has since discovered what she can achieve with a loop pedal. “It enables me to build up a whole band sound as a solo performer – so I can bring in bass lines and loop percussion into it, which makes gigs a lot livelier. “The music I’m going to be making live is going to be different from what I’ve recorded, a lot more complex. I’m still learning from other musicians what I can do with it.” 

Erin has her album Rhythm and Soul to distribute on her tour for donations, which includes catchy folk songs with thought-provoking lyrics. “My gigs are overall quite chilled out but I do get people dancing now and again.” 

Erin plays Monty’s Bar on Church Street this Sunday from 4pm.