Girl on a mission


After her first stage appearance at the age of four, Annah Mac’s future was filled with musical notes.

The songbird has quit her day job and jumped head-first into the music scene.

The Girl In Stilettos singer-songwriter is playing during WinterFest tomorrow as part of Winter Evening Sessions.

Mac only made the move to full time music six months ago, and reckons she’s living the Kiwi dream of self-employment.

“After furiously emailing, cold calling and coffees for one, for what seems like an eternity, I feel like Kanye [West] right now,” she says.

Since Mac’s decision to focus solely on her music, she has launched her own record label called Big House Records.

Although her earliest influences stemmed from country music, today she classes herself as a pop, rock, folk, blues-fusion artist and declares a love for all types of music.

However, she reckons her music is still evolving.

Although Mac has turned into something of a regular in the Queenstown music scene, this will be her first WinterFest gig.

“Queenstown is magnificent this time of year and I can’t wait to perform there.”

The muso doesn’t just use her pipes to woo the crowd; she will also play all her own accompaniment including a Baby Martin guitar, a Tompkins electric guitar and an eight-string ukulele.

Mac’s debut album Little Stranger was released in 2011 and she’s nearly ready to release some new tunes.

We can expect a single and two-part music video in the near future.

“It’s an exciting time for me as a young woman and small business owner.”

Mac grew up in The Catlins, which is where she fell in love with music.

She describes music as something that defines who she is: “It’s hard to imagine a life without music.

“[I remember] singing You make the whole world smile with your little button nose on a rimu timber stage in The Catlins at a local hall … my sister ran off to my mum almost immediately and I was left there singing this sentence over and over till the guitar stopped.

“Never looked back.”

When she moved to Auckland she fell for something else – the love of her life.

Seven years on, Mac and her partner have moved away from the city lights to little ol’ Central Otago.

Catch Annah Mac on her WinterFest debut on the Village Green this Saturday at 5pm as part of the American Express Queenstown Winter Festival. It’s free!