Gig of the Week: Trio with a French connection


A chance meeting in a California desert has led to a New Zealand tour by two far-travelled Kiwis and a French chanteuse.

Home-grown troubadours Delaney Davidson and Flip Grater are joined by Marianne Dissard at the Dux on Wednesday – as part of a series of countrywide gigs dubbed Le Tour de Trois.

Singer-songwriter Davidson says the whole idea came about when he hooked up with Dissard at the remote Joshua Tree Music Festival in the United States last October.

“Flip and I had been talking about doing a tour of NZ together then I met Marianne in the States and persuaded her to come over and join us,” Davidson says.

“The French connection was born in the desert, which doesn’t make sense really, but somehow it all came together.”

Although Davidson and indie-folk songbird Grater both hail from Christchurch, their paths had rarely crossed due to extended periods performing overseas.

“We’ve always really liked what each other does but this is the first time we get to do something together,” Davidson explains.

Davidson is at home in most cities in Europe and based himself in Switzerland for a while.

He’s also completed three tours of the US and has worked as a movie actor, appearing as a jailbird in the 2007 cult flick The Road to Nod.

The singer-guitarist heads back abroad in March when his third solo effort Self Decapitation is released.
“I don’t really ever stop, there’s always something going on for me somewhere. “There’s a lot of stuff to do, that’s for sure.”

Fans in Queenstown will get a preview of tracks from Davidson’s CD on Le Tour de Trois – as well as material from new albums by Dissard and Grater.

“The format of the show is that there will be solo performances from each of us and we’ll also be backing each other during the different sets with vocal harmonies and guitar parts and stuff,” Davidson says.

“There’s a lot of collaboration happening and so far it has been working really well. It’s a lot of fun. Flip will even be promoting a new cookbook that’s she’s done.”

Catch Davidson, Grater and Dissard at Dux de
Lux on Wednesday from 9pm