Gig of the Week: Tonight’s the night and don’t forget it


Kiwi dance music maestros Rhombus hope they don’t get so carried away at their New Year’s Eve gig in Queenstown that they forget to welcome in 2010.

Long-time group members, producers Thomas Voyce, Simon Rycroft and Koa Williams, promise to crank out a three-hour-plus set at the Memorial Hall tonight.

But they’re worried about missing out a traditional countdown to the New Year for partying fans.

“We might have to get someone offstage to be in charge of that bit and give us a five-minute call beforehand,” Voyce says. “Otherwise, we might just go all night and forget all about it – it’s been known to happen in the past.”

The Wellington trio is bringing their Rhombus in Dub show to the South Island for the first time.

They aim to recreate their hit studio sound on stage.

“With our regular band we have a set group of vocalists and instrumentalists we work with, which is great, but we wanted to try something new,” Voyce explains.

“There’s a lot of stuff that we’ve recorded with overseas artists like Warrior Queen, Deadly Hunta and Rodney P that never makes it to the stage and Rhombus in Dub gives us the opportunity to play that material.

“It means we can run a lot of vocals with people we record with but don’t usually perform with and mash things up a good bit more than usual.”

The stripped-down Rhombus crew will still blast out some of the killer tunes that have established them as one of New Zealand’s top dance music acts.

“It’s purely an electronic set-up we’ll be bringing to Queenstown but it’s been working really well for us,” Voyce says.

“Basically, this format has made us a lot more mobile as the three of us can fit into the one taxi and just show up at a gig.

“It also means we can play for a lot longer and we haven’t done a set yet that’s been less than three hours long.
“We had a lot of offers from all over NZ to play on New Year’s Eve but we chose Queenstown because it means we get to do purely our own show instead of just being part of a festival.”

As well as working on new material, in 2010 Rhombus will also record the soundtrack to a new NZ feature film.
“It’s all a bit top secret at the moment,” Voyce says. “Put it this way, it’s not exactly a Peter Jackson flick but it’ll still be some good, locally-grown produce. We love doing that sort of thing.”

Catch Rhombus in Dub plus support at the Memorial Hall tonight from 8pm