Gig of the week – Tike Taane


My son’s a bungy baby

Chart-topping Kiwi muso Tiki Taane has nothing but good memories of Queenstown – particularly the conception of his first baby.

Taane’s adamant the bungy jump he shouted partner Laurz Rose on her birthday in June last year helped bring five-month-old son Charlie into the world.

“It was the morning after we did a bungy – I reckon that’s what did it,” Taane recalls.
“Gravity pushed the old sperms up there and made it possible. Queenstown – magic place,” he laughs.
There’ll be no repeat during his two-date stop at Queenstown’s Subculture tonight and tomorrow – Rose is staying at home in Palmerston North to look after the little one.

Taane isn’t just sweet on Queenstown for its bungy jumping – he loves the “cuttingly fresh air”, crazy crowds and “bizarre” after-party antics that seem to accompany each visit.

“I’ve been there a lot but every time it’s memorable. [The gigs] have all been pretty good and all ended up bizarre – usually just late-morning shenanigans. Y’know, hanging out with the local crew down there.

“I think it’s because the air is so fresh that you guys are just on another level. Different breed in Queenstown – they don’t seem to sleep.”

Fresh from releasing his own new album Flux – full of remixed tracks from his previous Past, Present and Future – Christchurch-born Taane will spend the first part of his Queenstown sets going solo on acoustic guitar.

He’ll be weaving in some Bob Marley, a few old favourites written with Salmonella Dub – he was their sound engineer till they made him frontman – plus plenty of his new tracks.

Oh, and no doubt he’ll find time for his latest hit single Always On My Mind, which has helped his profile soar in the same way his super-popular ditty For The Love Of It did during his early Salmonella Dub days.

Then his buddy DJ Sambora will join him.

“We get up and go really heavy, go dance-y, dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass and just have a really good party,” Taane says.