Gig of the Week: They’re part-time but full on


Kiwi chart stars Tahuna Breaks vow to “let it all out” when they wind up their nationwide tour in Queenstown.

The Auckland-based band finishes a 13-gig run with a show at Revolver on Saturday as part of JazzFest.
And founder member, drummer Tim Gemmell, insists they’ll give it everything on their last date.

“We don’t want to walk away from this tour with anything left,” he says. “We’ll be making sure we’ve well and truly emptied the tank.

“We don’t want to get back to Auckland thinking we could have done another performance – we want to earn our little break.”

Gemmell adds: “We also want to thank our fans in Queenstown for all their support and invite them to come and party with us.”

Hard work on the road has paid off for the eight-strong Tahuna Breaks.

Their recently launched second album Black, Brown & White shot straight to No12, eclipsing the success of their acclaimed 2007 debut Reflections.

“We are absolutely stoked with the way the album has gone,” Gemmell says. “It’s still in the Top 40 and going strong after being out for six weeks which has really caught us by surprise.

“It was a challenge for us to try and back up Reflections because it was so well received for a first release.
“But when it came time to record Black, Brown & White the material and ideas just flowed.”

Despite their chart status, surprisingly, the group is still a part-time concern. To make ends meet, they all hold down day jobs.

But Gemmell – who is a property valuer – reckons it helps them stay grounded.

“Right from the get-go no-one has wanted to take anything out of the band, we’ve always reinvested everything back in.

“That way, logistically we can afford to look after everyone travel-wise and make sure everyone is comfortable.
“It makes everything a lot more harmonious and keeps your feet on the ground, until that one day when we can maybe afford to give up the day jobs.”

Gemmell concludes: “A lot of people have told me they’d pay to do what I do with the band – it’s great to get up and play in front of people and create a buzz for them.

“I still see it as a real privilege for us to be able to do that.”

Catch Tahuna Breaks at Revolver on Saturday, from 9pm