Gig of the week: Their thank-you show


Fast-rising Dunedin band Six60 reckon Queenstown has been their launch pad to nationwide success.

After playing the Peak Festival here last January, the five-strong roots outfit shot from nowhere to become one of the hottest new acts in New Zealand.

Sales of their self-titled debut EP went through the roof and hundreds of fans were turned away from packed shows in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

“Before we did the Peak fest we’d really just been gigging at pubs and birthday parties in Dunedin,” guitarist-keyboardist Marlon Gerbes says.

“But that Queenstown show suddenly put us on the same bill as heavyweights like Salmonella Dub and Kora and it was a real turning point for us.

“We went down really well with the crowd, which helped spread the word about our music, but we also made a lot of friends amongst the other bands.

“As a result, we were invited to do a lot of good support slots which gave us a lot of exposure and suddenly all these people were coming out to see us at our own shows.”

Gerbes says another blistering performance at a Mountain Scene-sponsored jazz night during Queenstown’s Winter Festival last July, alongside top names like The Little Bushman and Cornerstone Roots, gave Six60 another vital boost.

“That was another gig we got as a result of the Peak Festival and it was another show that was pivotal for us.
“There were a lot of music business big-hitters there who got in contact afterwards and helped spread the word, so we have a lot to thank Queenstown for.”

Six60 are back in the resort on Saturday at Revolver, alongside Kiwi favourites TAOS. Six60 then heads back into the studio to work on their first album.

“We recently had five days together up in Mt Maunganui in a kind of batch-type environment to get a few new songs on the go,” Gerbes explains.

“It all went well and we’ll be trying out some of the new stuff at our upcoming shows.”