Gig of the Week – The Julian Temple Band


We like surfing and drinking

Have-a-go Dunedin rock trio The Julian Temple Band likes to sample most things Queenstown has to offer – including surfing.

United States-born frontman Julian Temple – who was a surf-nut in San Francisco before shifting to New Zealand – claims he’s had some success on his board on Lake Wakatipu.

“You’d think it’s pretty impossible to surf on the lake, but I’ve done it,” he grins. “It was freezing even in a wet suit but it happened.

“I managed to catch a couple of waves out at Glenorchy one day when it was really windy.

“Okay, they were only about a foot high, but hey, I was able to say I’ve surfed in Queenstown.”

Surfing aside, the group claims boozing till dawn is still their No1 post-gig pastime.

“In Queenstown, I’ve woken up in a five-star hotel room and I’ve also woken up in a bush,” he says.

“It’s the sort of place where anything can happen and that’s part of the attraction of playing there.

“It’s usually all a bit of a blur.”

And singer-guitarist Temple insists they’ll be in full party mode when they play Revolver on Saturday.

The band cranks out a heady musical mix of rock, blues, jazz, pop, funk and punk.

“I reckon we are pretty original,” Temple says. “It’s hard for people to pin down what we do and I like it that way. It keeps things interesting.”

Although on an extensive nationwide tour to plug just-released second album Quiet Earth, they’ve already recorded a third CD, due in 2010.

“We’re really prolific and can’t seem to stop writing,” Temple says. “If anything, we’ve got far too many songs.

We are out on the road to promote the hell out of our new album but there’s also a new, new album in the can which is confusing.”

Temple says his band is changing from an acoustic-based sound to an all-out sonic attack.

“I’ve been playing a lot more electric guitar and we’ve kinda become this high energy, rocking party band. I’ve seen that’s what people like and I think I like it a little more too.”