A Queenstown family trio will be in charge of the tunes at this weekend’s Autumn Festival party in Arrowtown.

The Hamiltones, who’ve been in the resort for about a decade, will be amping up the crowd this Saturday.

Dad Ivan Hamilton bangs the drums, while guitar-playing son Marc Hamilton is joined by his singing sister Stacey McDonald.

There are two other siblings — a sister in Gore and brother in Perth who are both also very musical.

McDonald says it was amazing growing up surrounded by music.

It meant that every Christmas or family gathering was one big jam session.
That tradition is now running into the next generation, she says.

Despite being booked up for weddings, corporate events, local gigs and parties, all three band members manage to keep their own businesses.

Ivan owns Green Cabs Queenstown, Marc owns It Might Get Loud Music and Stacey owns the Queenstown and Central Otago branch of Cookright Kitchen Services with husband Scott.

But they still manage to be full of energy come the weekend when they’re out gigging.

McDonald: “We’re good at being able to get a party started.”

The trio have road-tripped up and down the country and back again for different gigs.

Generally they get on like a house on fire. McDonald admits they each have their own funny little quirks but usually it’s happy families.

“Our trips are always filled with much fun, laughter, joking and carrying on.”

This will be the trio’s first time playing The Autumn Festival’s main show, and they’re hyped for it.

“It’s just a fantastic party night and it’s a great thing for little Arrowtown and I think that everyone should get out there and support it because it’s going to be a fun night with lots of great music and great dancing,” McDonald says.

They’re doing the gig at a highly discounted rate to support the local event.

McDonald says local crowds are usually pretty familiar with who The Hamiltones are.

Crowds can expect everything “from The Beatles to Bruno Mars, Amy Winehouse and everything in between”.

It might surprise to discover the trio’s favourite tune to play is “not Wagon Wheel” — a song made famous by country music artist Darius Rucker.

But they’ll still do it.

The Hamiltones play The Great Arrowtown Party as part of Autumn Festival, this Saturday, Athenaeum Hall — Arrowtown, 8pm. R18, tickets on Eventfinda, $50