Gig of the Week: Rare Taliband insurgency


The biggest hassle The Taliband has playing these days is getting everyone under the same roof at the same time.

The eight-strong group – originally from Dunedin – has built a solid following on the live music circuit since starting out as mates at Otago University in 2004.

But after finishing full-time education, band members are now scattered around New Zealand, making regular touring a logistical nightmare.

The Taliband hit Revolver on Saturday for the venue’s Winter Ball.

And bassist Nic “Rolly” Roland reckons the show will now mark a rare performance in Queenstown, which used to be one of their regular haunts.

“Since we all left university and got jobs all over the place, we just can’t get together as often as we used to,” Roland says.

He’s a video editor for TVNZ News in Auckland.

“Our drummer is in Raglan and another of our guys took off as a travelling gypsy so getting everyone in the one place isn’t that easy.

“But Queenstown has always been one of our favourite towns to play and when we were asked to do a bit of a one-off gig we jumped at it.”

The Taliban blasts out a bizarre musical brew that mixes funk, techno, dub, reggae and heavy metal.

Roland says the band will play “oldies but goodies” at Revolver, including tracks from 2007 album Monkey & the Stick.

“Anything can happen at our shows – and it usually does,” he insists.

The Taliband boys are just as well-known for partying as for their on-stage antics.

“We love to have a good time after gigs and there’s no better place in NZ for that than Queenstown,” Roland grins.

“I remember after one show in town we invited about 40 people back to some accommodation we’d booked for ourselves and had a party that went on all night.

“In the morning the manager wasn’t too pleased and was trying to hit us up to pay extra because we’d only rented the house to sleep six people.

“But we pointed out only six people had actually gone to bed – the rest hadn’t bothered. The guy couldn’t argue and had to back down.Technically, we were in the right.”

Catch The Taliband at Revolver on Saturday from 10pm