Gig of the Week: Puffin stuffed


Seasoned singer-songwriter Lindon Puffin reckons it’s make-or-break time for his music career.

The Lyttelton-based troubadour says he’s sick of being skint and is considering calling it a day if he can’t get some real cash coming in.

But despite his misgivings, things are beginning to look up for Puffin – who plays a solo show at Dux de Lux on Sunday night.

He recently enjoyed a stint playing guitar with Kiwi legend Dave Dobbyn at gigs during the recent Christchurch Arts Festival.

And Dobbyn’s manager Lorraine Barry has taken him under her wing to find a commercial record label to release his upcoming new album Vaseline on the Lens.

“I’ve been out there touring and recording for a long time now but it’s got to the stage where I need to make a proper living from my music or do something else,” he says.

“I used to have the attitude I’d be doing this to the death but I’m now beginning to be aware of my mates having decent jobs and getting on while I’m still pulling in favours all over the place.

“But being asked to play guitar with Dave Dobbyn was one of those career-defining moments for me and having his manager take a serious interest in my new stuff has really given me a boost.”

Puffin first came to the fore with 1990s glam-rock band The Puffins.

He’s been largely out on his own for the past nine years, releasing cult solo albums Stuff Like That and Show Pony plus the well-received documentary film Figure 8000.

These days he spends a lot of time in Auckland, where he contributes to breakfast radio on Kiwi FM.

“I do things like summing up the week’s news in song accompanied by a ukulele and I even do sports items and film reviews. It’s good fun.”

Puffin hasn’t played live in Queenstown for about a year but has a strong following in the Wakatipu after
performing at the Blue Door bar in Arrowtown on a regular basis from 2005-07.

“It was a kind of residency I had there and it was brilliant. The malt whisky and good food tempted me down from Christchurch on a very regular basis.”

Puffin adds: “I’m actually coming to Queenstown to play at a party after a friend’s wedding on Saturday and I jumped at the chance of slotting in a show at the Dux the next night.

“I hope to see a few familiar faces in the audience.”