Gig of the week: Marty Casey


Rockstar: INXS runner-up Marty Casey likens his time in the Reality TV spotlight to being abducted by aliens.
Ahead of Tuesday’s solo show at the Thirsty Ram, the man pipped at the post to fill Michael Hutchence’s shoes in the Aussie band says the 2005 star search is now “all a blur”.

“Once they close that mansion door and you’re back in the real world, everything is different. You become an overnight sensation and you have to be careful how you proceed with that – building your career instead of just flaming out.

“I equate it to being abducted by aliens … I can’t say I wasn’t f….d up for a while after the show was over, because you step back and everything is different.”

Chicago-based Casey lost out to JD Fortune in the two-man showdown that concluded the series – and would have loved to have won.

“But when the moment of truth came and it was me and JD standing next to each other in the finale, I thought it was ultra-strange that somebody else was going to make a decision that affects the rest of my life. Normally, you make your own decisions.

“I can’t tell you I wasn’t pissed off that I lost … I really wish I could have got to see what I could have cooked up.”

Casey now fronts the latest incarnation of LA Guns, the hard-rocking outfit that guitarist Tracii Guns once disbanded to create the original Guns N’ Roses with Axl Rose.

That pairing didn’t last and Guns went on to join Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx in Brides of Destruction. He recently started up LA Guns again but with new members.

Meanwhile, Casey’s long-time band Lovehammers is still going strong, despite some fallout from his decision to join LA Guns.

“Everybody just assumed that I’d left the Lovehammers,” he says. “I never said that, and I never meant it to be taken that way. I just wanted to take the opportunity and run with it for a few months.

“I’m a little too restless to slow down at this point because I’m parlaying everything from Rockstar: INXS and trying to stay busy and keep my name alive.”

Proceeds from Casey’s solo New Zealand tour go to cancer support organisation CanTeen.

Catch Rockstar INXS runner-up Marty Casey’s solo show at the Thirsty Ram on Tuesday night