Gig of the week: Make mine an original


English brothers Anthony and Dave Waldock arrived in Queenstown for some well-earned R&R – but soon got busy on the live music scene. 

Performing as A.n.D, the guitar-toting duo plays a mix of original songs and covers at various resort bars several nights a week. 

But when the lads from Newcastle came here on holiday last winter, their only plan was to snowboard. 

“Dave and I had been playing together in the United States for a few years then did the same in Melbourne before we arrived in Queenstown,” Anthony says. 

“We only came to the resort for some time out on the slopes but it turned out we had a few friends playing in the bars and we somehow got our foot in the door. 

“It’s a hard town to get into gig-wise because there’s so many good musicians around – but we got lucky landing a few try-outs and the bookings kept on coming.” 

Things are going so well the brothers have now given up their day jobs as chefs and rustled up full-time musical careers. 

Their versions of songs by international rockers like Pearl Jam and the Kings of Leon go down a storm in the bars with locals and tourists alike. 

But the two-some also like to try out their own tracks at venues like Dux de Lux and Revolver, plus have an album coming out later this year. 

The brothers also plan to expand their lineup to a four-piece to give them more otions for playing live and are presently rehearsing a band for future gigs. 

“When we do the pub shows we tend to only throw in one or two originals. But it’s also good to show people we can write our own stuff as well,” Anthony says.