Gig of the week: Legacy of Disorder


Heavy-duty Auckland metal act Legacy of Disorder are under no illusions about the Kiwi music scene – it’s a tough nut to crack.

Ahead of Saturday’s gig at Subculture, the band’s chief guitar shredder Rana Freilich sounds peeved about seeing “plenty of bad-sounding bands do very well” while his hard-working outfit busts its chops to become a “class metal act”.

Last year Wellington City Council even ditched them at the 11th hour for a lighter-weight act at the Rugby Sevens tournament.

But despite setbacks, Freilich says the band has forged a “tight-as” sound and delivered a top-notch debut album.
“There seems to be a tall-poppy syndrome in our country that I find real strange and sad, given we’re so small,” he says. “But we just carry on doing our thing as best we humanly can do it – put our music up on our website, make videos that don’t get shown on TV and tour.

“What else can we do?

“People who come to our gig will get a super-tight act and will not be disappointed.”

Last April Legacy of Disorder travelled to Dallas, Texas, to record their album with engineer/producer Sterling Winfield – known to them for his work with Pantera, Damage Plan and Hellyeah.

The band picked up session drummer Matt Thompson in the process, and Thompson now flies out for each New Zealand tour.

“I think Sterling brought out the best in us,” says Freilich. “He’s got an awesome ear and knows what a heavy metal album should sound like.

“I haven’t worked with any other overseas producers, but from what I can gather here in NZ he’s a bit of a step up.

“Matt was a friend of Sterling’s and had worked for some pretty big names. He’d be the tightest drummer I’ve played with, by miles.”

A tour of the American south-east is on the cards later this year, provided it fits with the band’s plan of attack, says Freilich.

“It’s an expensive venture so you’ve got to make sure it works out in your favour.”

Catch Auckland metallers Legacy of Disorder at Subculture on Saturday from 9.30pm