Gig of the Week: Junior fans get special show


Rising rockers The Earlybirds have their younger fans in mind when they hit the resort for two gigs tomorrow.

As well as a regular evening show at Revolver, the band has slotted in a 6.30pm “all ages” performance at the X-It Youth Centre in Stanley Street.

“The younger age group tends to get overlooked by acts when they are touring, which is a pity,” says Earlybirds bassist and songwriter Jared Aisher.

“When we can, we’re doing two gigs in each town we visit to make sure no one gets missed out – and as it’s our first trip to Queenstown, we want to make a big impression with as many people as possible.”

A lot is expected from the Auckland-based five-piece, managed by New Zealand star-maker James Southgate.
He’s a former record company executive who’s signed top NZ acts like The Feelers and Anika Moa.

The Earlybird’s debut single Runaway grabbed a lot of radio airplay when it was released earlier this year by music giants EMI.

And their new effort I Killed the DJ is going great guns.

They’ve also landed some prime support slots and have opened shows for the likes of Midnight Youth, The Feelers and Pluto.

“We’ve been really pleased at the reaction to our stuff,” Aisher says. “At the moment, we have a singles deal with EMI but hopefully we’ll also get to do an album for them early next year.”

The band prepared for their 17-date nationwide tour by rehearsing in an old picture theatre in Devonport, Auckland – and it’s haunted, Aisher claims.

“Other bands that have used the place told us they’ve heard opera singers warbling away when the place is empty.

“We left a tape recorder running in the building when we went out for a while and when we came back there was all this banging and screeching on the tape.

“We found out in days gone by, monkeys were kept caged in the cinema to entertain children and we are convinced that’s what we heard.

“There can’t be too many bands who can say they’ve been haunted by the ghosts of dead chimps – we are even thinking of recording the noises onto a track on our album.”

The Earlybirds wind up their own tour at the end of the month before heading back out on the road again as special guests of chart stars The Feelers for another countrywide trek in December and January.

Catch The Earlybirds tomorrow at the X-It Youth Centre from 6.30pm and Revolver from 9.30pm