Scottish muso John Mason finds inspiration everywhere.

“I once found inspiration from a shampoo bottle and I also spent a few months researching the history of economics in order to put more facts in to the words of a song about education.”

The 32-year-old plays Pub on Wharf tomorrow in his second Queenstown stint.

He first came to the resort last year to visit his then squeeze and fell in love with the place.

After a trip home and a European tour with his band CAB Collective, he decided to take some time out to travel while other band members pop out bambinos.

Mason spoke to Mountain Scene from the United States.

“I’m just travelling the world, really, with my guitar. I didn’t really know what to do with myself and I needed to get away.

“I have friends all over the world I can visit. I love doing my acoustic stuff — it is a lot more folky than what I do with CAB.”

He’s going to be based in Queenstown for at least two months, but isn’t ruling out staying longer.

His solo video Wired Shut was filmed in the resort last November.

It’s described as a chilled-out track, but he also plays rock, reggae, punk and folk.

Like playing an instrument, song-writing gets easier the more he does it.

Mason reckons an “honest” song writes itself.

“They are the manifestation of how you feel about the world you see — like all forms of art.

“The least amount of consideration during the writing process, the more accurately you can portray how you are feeling with the song.”

He adds: “Thinking is what gets in the way, because essentially words are just concepts that we use to try and understand how we feel.”

As well as original music he’ll stick some covers in his Pub on Wharf set.

Gig-goers can expect modern folk rock and a bit of a yarn.

He likes to have a natter with his audience and says it helps him decide what to play.

“It makes up for any lack of talent I may or may not have,” he laughs.

Mason doesn’t have a firm plan for life after the resort.

He may head to Bali to meet up with some mates, he may jump on a plane back to the States or he might go home to the UK to tour with his band.

Then again, he might fall in love in Queenstown and decide to stay for a while.

Catch John Mason at Pub on Wharf tomorrow, 9pm. Free entry