Gig of the Week: dDub here and peaking


WHEN Kiwi favourites dDub hit Queenstown this weekend, it’ll be the last chance for fans to see them in the resort for at least a year.

The six-strong roots crew play a free outdoor Coronet Peak gig at 6pm tomorrow (Friday) followed by a show at Revolver on Saturday night.

But as they’re heading back into the recording studio to work on a follow-up to second album Medicine Man, singer-guitarist Derek Browne reckons it’ll be their last visit to the Wakatipu for a while.

“Last January we played at Queenstown’s big New Year celebrations and also did the Peak Festival so we’ve hardly been strangers to the place,” he says.

“We’ve had to evolve into a touring band that does plenty of gigs because we don’t get a lot of play on commercial radio stations.

“But we really need to get down to recording a few new tracks and I doubt we’ll be back in Queenstown until next winter.

“However, this time out we’ll be road-testing a few new songs so the audience will get a preview of where we’re going next.”

Browne says the band will “wrap up snug” for a 90-minute set outside Coronet Peak’s base building.
“We’ll be doing a full show for the night skiers,” he explains. “We did the same thing last winter and a few hundred people were there so we’re expecting a good atmosphere.

“I also remember it was freezing so we’ll be well prepared for another cold one.”

In a bid to find new ways to get their music to a wider audience, Auckland-based dDub recently teamed up with top NZ biscuit company Cookie Time.

The firm’s forward-thinking marketing department is exploring a range of initiatives to help take the band to the next level.

“It’s not like they’re sponsoring us or anything,” Browne says. “Cookie Time’s founder Michael Mayell is a fan of ours and wanted to help out.

“They have some innovative ideas about how to market our music in different ways, which are still at the think-tank stage.”

Browne adds: “Another upside is we’ve been getting plenty of free cookies to keep us going. But we’ve been eating so many of them we might have to go on a training programme before our next tour.”

Catch dDub at Coronet Peak base building tomorrow from 6pm and at Revolver on Saturday from 10pm