Gig of the week: Cure Motel


Question: When is it OK to let kids play with electricity? Answer: When they’re plugging into ShortCircuit –
a travelling showcase for original Kiwi electronic music powering into its fifth year with a party at Revolver tomorrow night.

ShortCircuit lynchpin Darcy Gladwin says the formula for the extravaganza’s success is simple – an open mind, an eye for performance and a taste for all styles of the electronic genre.

“What people get when they come to see us is a broad spectrum and I think that’s valuable” he explains. “We build up the night from an ambient kind of style and just keep adding beats and more beats, getting more raucous.
“We wind things up with some fairly safe drum ‘n’ bass. That seems to have worked pretty well for four years now.”

Melbourne-based Gladwin features in two guises – as chief beatmaster in EMU and as writer/producer/performer in electro-punk outfit Cure Motel. Also on the card are fellow ShortCircuit founding act Matt Turner as DJ Romantech and Gladwin’s Cure Motel offsider Shane Hollands, who spins a set of local and international music as DJ Uber Loser.

Gladwin says Cure Motel places a premium on attitude over aptitude.

“We vocalise, jump around and behave like madmen – that’s what makes the show. We produce our backline on computer and add the performance dynamic with synthesiser and sometimes guitar.

“We’ll mix and match performers as to who’s around and who’s available.”

Gladwin and Turner first developed the ShortCircuit smorgasbord as a means of exposing Auckland artists to a wider audience. These days, they pick up other acts in the main centres on their twice-yearly tours.

“I’m considering applying for funding for our tours,” says Gladwin, “simply because I think they provide valuable experience for a lot of people. We find that having our own little thing is the best way for us to put our music out there to people first-hand.

“It’s something I always look forward to doing but because I’ve done it for a long time, I’m looking to hand over certain management aspects to other crew.

“I’d like to see it continue, for sure.”

Catch the ShortCircuit touring electronic music showcase at Revolver tomorrow night from 8pm