Gig of the Week: A perfect musical match

Shot down: Archer Shepherd

Archer Shepherd once proposed to Flora Knight. She said no.

The pair are playing The Sherwood on Valentine’s Day, but don’t expect soppy or cheesy romantic tales.

Think heartbreak, country tunes and folk music — with a wee bit of banter mixed in.

Shepherd, who prefers to go by Archer and needs some prompting to share his surname, says he writes about love sometimes — drawing from life experiences.

He was “crushed” after the failed proposal but says he got over it.

The pair aren’t romantically involved but Knight does describe their relationship as musical fate. She doesn’t want to go into the ‘proposal’ details.

Knight plays guitar and violin, he writes songs and plays guitar.

According to them it is the perfect match.

Shepherd: “[A song] just comes into me. I am usually just walking around and it just appears out of nowhere.

“If I write a song it is usually written in five minutes — I don’t want to sound like a kook but it is like channelling.

“I am not someone who I guess can sit down and write a book like some people can.”

Love songs on menu: Flora Knight PICTURE: OTAGO DAILY TIMES

Shepherd’s non-committal when asked if he has a significant other, but says he definitely knows about love.

It doesn’t have to be between people, though. You can love a weed, a ship or the wind, he notes.

“It could be a material thing, nature or an unknown thing.”

He’s an Aussie farmer and is in New Zealand for a month for this tour. Knight is originally from Canada but has lived in Dunedin for 20 odd years.

She went to one of his gigs, which led to the pair performing together.

“He had a unique way of playing music that I was interested in — I tracked him down.”

The duo will play a mix of originals and covers including a couple of classic Kiwi love songs.

“As it is a Valentine’s special we will play a bunch of love songs, whether they be romantic, or about being heartbroken.

“That is what Valentine’s Day is for some people — it can be pretty horrible. There will be a few country songs which have heartbreak amongst them.”

She has played Queenstown before, but it’ll be a new experience for Shepherd.

Archer and Flora Knight, Valentine’s Day Special, The Sherwood, Tuesday, 8pm. Tickets $10