Geoff Wilson


Queenstown/Wakatipu ward (six seats)

Age: No where near retirement yet 

Occupation: Company manager, office worker, labourer, engineer/welder, floor sweeper of Geoff Wilson Engineering Ltd 

Family: Three adult children, Brett, 41, Evette, 40, Donna, 38. All live in Christchurch. I have nine grandchildren. I am single 

Number of years in the Wakatipu: 36 years and eight months 

Main claim to fame the resort: My welding, inventing/engineering knowledge and skills 

Main reason for standing: Only now have I got time and means to put the time into local body politics 

Single biggest issue: The general well being of the environment, the people of the Wakatipu, their employment and businesses. Common sense bylaws 

Biggest gaffe: Not making more of my school days in the way of education