Game against Wakatipu Golden Retrievers


Pelicans Triumph over Valiant Wakatipu

The Central Queenstown Pelicans showed their class with a fine win over a tough and committed opponent, in what was thought to be the last round of the Twenty/20 competition.

The toss was made in the conventional manner, i.e. the kitchen at 20 Bowen St on Friday night, with the Pelicans winning and deciding to bat. The long term forecast had been consulted, the weather patterns of El Nino discussed and the wicket analysed. The Pelicans were to set the Golden Retrievers a target and then gun them down.

The batting order was adjusted slightly this week as there was a last minute scramble for gear and ball which had to be located from the depths of the Events Centre. The staff member that said ‘I have no idea about any cricket…you guys will have to figure that out yourself’ probably won’t be getting an invite to the mid-year dinner!

Finchy and 9 Slips got the team away to a cautious start on a very green and slow deck. The ball we ended up using was 40 overs old and softening up, but in reasonable condition. A replacement nut was sourced but the Dogs decided against using it. A decision they regretted later.

The highlights of batting performance were Rubsies patient 36 that helped us through to 126 and some vigorous hitting by DJ Dzin who managed to smash the Dogs chubby opening bowler out of the attack while ignoring his embarrassing continuous verbal discharge.

Nick the Duck bowled a couple of tight overs in the middle of the innings, but quite how he delivers the ball so accurately when he lets it go from behind his left ear is still a mystery. A few other players chipped in with cameos and the team knew the total was going to be big ask on slow low deck with a lush outfield and ball that was as hard & shiny as a freshly baked pavlova.

Good fielding and bowling were going to win the game and the Pelicans got away to great start with Ryan-44 chipping out a batsman with his first ball. The bowling order was mixed around throughout the afternoon, keeping the Golden Retrievers guessing.

The Dogs opening bowler made a brief visit to the wicket, wearing a helmet to muffle his dribble. He may have had a horse race to listen to as he departed 2 minutes later to the sound of 11 people roaring with laughter.

The rapidly changing bowling lineup and some athletic fielding turned the screws and the runs came slower than a delivery pizza when you have the munchies. It all got too much for the Wakatipu boys and they finished with a gutsy 93 from their overs.

Just to see how it works, a ‘super-over’ was held immediately after the game. Wakatipu batted first and smoked our bowler to all parts. It was brutal.

We sent out LP and Dangerous Dan to complete a 2-2 day, but alas it was not to be as LP tried to run Dan out and Dan then picked out the only fielder in front of square. The Dogs won the super-over and left the field with a smile on their face.

The Speights Ale House was chosen as the venue for the after-match function where the famous annual prize giving was conducted.

All team members had been asked to bring along a $10 gift to exchange with the rest of the players. They ranged from a very sensible Warehouse gift card to a full set of fat chick lingerie to Dippers gift of 25kg bag of quick dry cement.

The Pelicans awards were handed out at follows

Batsman of the year – Fraser Wilson
Bowler of the Year – Damian Grenade O’Connell
Fielder of the Year – Clark Frew
Players Choice Award – Dangerous Dan Wells
Pelicans Player of the Year – Brad Patterson

After the awards ceremony a magnificent feed of bangers and mash was devoured prior to our departure to Sombreros for big botts of Corona and expensive tequila.

The night spiralled out of control as the Pelicans celebrated what they thought was the end of a successful campaign. The rest of the evening is a bit hazy as the Pelicans poured beer back like they were re-filling the lake. However the some players recall a certain player attempting to devour some young pommy backpacker on the dance floor of Altitude. He retort of ‘I was giving her standing-up mouth to mouth resuscitation, she looked like she was about to faint’ didn’t really ring true!

Said player will remain unnamed upon receipt of $20 into the Allan Stanford United Bank of Pelican.

With the news coming through that there are to be Semi Finals and Finals the Pelicans will be looking to end the season with some silverware as the Jacks Point Angry Dragons so kindly pointed out on Sunday night.

The Pelicans have been drawn to play our arch enemy the Goats on Sunday.

Till Next Week – remember pelicans don’t have nests, they have tool sheds.

The Pelican