Fresh Tracks with Mitchey Grieg and Taylor Rapley


Signs of the times

Coronet Peak is sporting a raft of new signs to help guide skiers and riders around the mountain. The new signs were installed over summer and NZSki boss James Coddington says they should make it easier for people to know where to go without getting off-track and into areas that might be too advanced for them.

Onya, Adam

Adaptive ski racer Adam Hall won top honours at the New Zealand Snow Sports Awards in Wanaka last Saturday – for the second time running, he’s the country’s snow sportsperson of the year. 

I think it couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person – Adam’s speech finished with: “In March next year, I’ll be standing here with a gold medal round my neck.”

I’ve watched this guy rip it up at Cardrona and I’ve been totally gobsmacked by his talent – I wouldn’t have thought he had any impediments. We wish him all the best, he’s truly an inspirational guy.


Thrills and spills

Scaling a vertical rock wall might not be everyone’s cup of tea but thrilling views from the comfort of a chair should be appealing. This is a shot from the short climbing film The Sharp End, which will feature at this month’s Queenstown Adventure Film Festival.

The festival, at the Memorial Hall, includes screenings of films that “celebrate adventures on snow, land, water and in the air”, according to festival director Kirsten Nicholl. New this year are “theme nights” – including looking into the mind of an extreme athlete and adventures from around the globe – accompanied by a couple of longer films.

The fourth annual festival runs between July 30-August 4.

Watch your back

Beware of the coat thieves. Out on the prowl on Saturday night, we witnessed attempts by people trying to flog jackets. I’ve seen it in the papers and heard it on the radio and so on but we saw it first-hand twice on Saturday night. So all you snow bunnies out there, look after your possessions and don’t leave valuables lying around.

Naked ambition

How about the naked man at Winter Festival’s suitcase race at Coronet Peak last Saturday? I’ve never seen nipples that hard in my life…at first I thought he had balls…but I’m not so sure anymore.

For those who didn’t see naked ape Mark Wilson compete in the race, you missed out on him losing his suitcase and bellying down the slope into the fence.

This man left with a very sore body – all over, even parts that really shouldn’t come into contact with the ice. Do not try this at home.

Play it safe

The first of the NZ Mountain Safety Council alpine avalanche courses starts this weekend.

The course, an evening lecture at the Queenstown police station and a field day at The Remarkables, runs tomorrow and Saturday. Costing $75, the programme is a prerequisite for the council’s other alpine courses to be held next month.

It’s snow joke

A guy needs a brain transplant. The doctor shows him various replacement brains.

One, which belonged to a skier, costs $500 – the other, which belonged to a boarder, costs $5000. Patient asks why the price difference. Doctor: “The boarder’s brain has never been used.”

Mitchey Greig (ski cross) and Taylor Rapley (ski racing) are NZ skiing reps.
Mitchey ( is sponsored by Head, Pulse Fitness, Scott, The North Face, Coronet Peak and Outside Sports. Taylor is sponsored by Volkl, Under Armour, POC, Pulse Fitness, Outside Sports and Coronet Peak