First Tracks with Mitchey Greig and Taylor Rapley


with Mitchey Greig and Taylor Rapley


Hanging with the carnies

Last week four of New Zealand’s top halfpipe snowboarders and one free skier attended a one-week training camp in Christchurch to perfect tricks on trampolines and diving boards.

The highlight of the week was three days at the circus training centre where they learned how to do trapeze and tightrope walking, ride unicycles and do ridiculous tricks on harnesses into foampits. So if these guys don’t make it in snowboarding, they can always join the circus.

To the left is one of NZ’s top riders,  Rebecca Sinclair  of Wanaka, learning how to catch and grip someone – in this case NZ winter performance snowboard physio Sheryl Dickinson– while swinging on the trapeze.






Silver lining

For all those partygoers who might have sampled a few too many drinks last Friday night or couldn’t get outta town on Saturday for one reason or another, hope you didn’t get too depressed about the grey skies and cool temperatures.

As all those other lovelies making their marks in the amazing chalky goodness know, the mountain happened to be above the cloud and the sunshine definitely allowed for a bit of goggle-tan action.

Not to make you jealous or anything but here’s a picture of The Remarks on opening day just lapping up the sunshine…



Check your nuts, boys – don’t fall victim to dropping nuts as these guys did whilst their front wheel passed them by when driving down Gorge Road.   





Caught red-handed

We were talking about a tight winter budget last week but some guys could have got the wrong idea.

Yakking to a taxi driver, we found out three boys jumped into a cab after a rowdy Queenstown evening, got taken to Fernhill – and did a runner. Thought they were all good, right? Wrong – one guy left his wallet in the taxi and got a visit from Mr Copperman a little later on. The joke’s on him now.



Swine flu alert

NZSki is on high alert for any outbreak of swine flu. Boss James Coddington says all 800 staff at Coronet Peak, The Remarkables and Mt Hutt have been fully briefed on how to deal with symptoms and hygiene during the H1N1 scare. Contingency plans are also in place for all 18 departments if anyone is struck down, Coddington says. Disinfectants (right) and hand sanitisers have been distributed among all departments and skifield areas.

Cardrona opens

Snow junkies just got another reason to celebrate – Cardrona opens tomorrow. With more than a one-metre base, bosses are boasting of the best conditions in more than a decade – all facilities and groomed trails will be open, including a new route down Arcadia Basin.


Joke of the week

Q: Why do lifties only get a half-hour lunch break?

A: Any longer and they’ll need to be retrained.



Mitchey Greig (ski cross) and Taylor Rapley (ski racing) are NZ skiing reps.
Mitchey ( is sponsored by Head, Pulse Fitness, Scott, The North Face, Coronet Peak and Outside Sports. Taylor is sponsored by Volkl, Under Armour, POC, Pulse Fitness, Outside Sports and Coronet Peak