First Tracks with Mitchey Greig and Taylor Rapley


Aussie rippers on form for Winter Games

Taylor Rapley’s been spending time with the Australian Paralympics ski team during her training up Mount Hutt this past month.

She got to know the team of six ski racers pretty well and says they’ve got talent, determination and
dedication coming out of their ears.

Look out for these Aussies ripping it all over Coronet Peak next month during the Winter Games.

Nick ‘Frenchie’ Watts, 22 – Says his greatest achievement is surviving the cancer that claimed a leg. Key quote:

“Every incomprehensible thing is comprehensible.” He’s “extremely stoked” to compete in the Winter Games. In a relationship.

Mitch ‘Spinach’ Gouley, 18 – Lost an arm after being swarmed by bees. Seventh at World Cup finals, hopes to win a Paralympics medal. Looks up to everybody … he’s quite short – and sensitive about it. Key quote: “Time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted.”

Excited to compete in the Winter Games as he’s never raced in NZ. Single.

Jess Gallagher, 23 – Has a visual impairment and dreams of being first Aussie to win repeat golds at a summer and winter Paralympics. Member of Australian Paralympics athletics team and Australian under-16 netball team before eyesight deteriorated. In a relationship.

Cameron Rahles-Rahbula, 25 – Above-the-knee amputee after bone cancer. Three golds at world champs though perhaps more remarkably, he can squat 95kg. Super-excited about Winter Games as it’ll “almost be like a home-ground advantage”.

Relationship status “complicated”.

Toby Kane, 22 – Below-the-knee amputee after being hit by a car on the footpath at a young age. Bronze at the Torino Paralympics in super giant slalom. Key quote: “Life moves fast. If you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you’ll miss it.” In a relationship.

Marty Mayberry, 23 – Double below-the-knee amputee after suffering meningococcal disease. Won 2007 slalom World Cup. Most embarrassing moment on snow was during start training when his leg fell off … and his ski … and his boot. The leg skied off without him. Engaged.

Maxi wins in Mini Shred

Young skiers and snowboarders descended on The Remarkables last Saturday for the first freestyle
competition of the season.

The first round of the free K2 Parklife Mini Shred was open to competitors of all abilities aged 15 and under.

Winners were: Male skiing – under-16, Blake Marshall; under-14, Alec Savery; under-12, Elliot Mason. Male snowboarding – under-16, Seamus O’Connor; under-14, Hamish Bagley; under-12, Lyon Farrell. Female skiing – under-16, Adie Lawrence; under-12, Sarah Albom. Female snowboarding – under-16, Jeanie Bamber; under-12, Melissa Albom.