First Tracks with Mitchey Greig and Taylor Rapley


Cardies’ freshies

Cardrona looks like it will be in for an epic winter – if opening day last Friday is anything to go by. Thousands of keen snow junkies trekked up for first tracks, and with over a metre of snow on groomed slopes, there were plenty of freshies off-piste to be skied or ridden. Getting amongst the white stuff is Logan Swney (right) as he hits a boxed rail jump.



Thanks, John

Winter Games – holy mackerel, who thinks National rocks right now! Winter Games got given $1,000,000 last week – yes, you read right, that is six zeros! Go National!!! Who would have thought that winter sports would have the Government behind them to this extent! It’s so awesome to see that winter sports are finally getting
recognition. Let’s put on a good show and keep this vibe up!



Rock the dance floor

All the party people who don’t want to miss out in creating history in bounce and jive – tomorrow awaits with NZ House Arrest, DJs Abstrack and Matty P mixing up a storm at Debajo with the latest electro house goodness.



Holiday fun

Any little rippers out there that want an adrenalin-packed holiday and want to learn how to handle speed on their skis – or parents that need a good excuse to ditch the kids and know they’ll be looked after, the Queenstown Alpine Ski Team is for you. QAST starts its holiday programme on Sunday, which is awesome fun. You get together with a group of kids your age and rip round the mountain while being taught racing techniques.



Extra snow time

Early birds and night owls obsessed with the white stuff just got another reason to sing – Coronet Peak extends its opening hours tomorrow. Night skiing kicks off tomorrow night – The M1, Shirtfront, Big East trails and a Magic Carpet are all fully floodlit every Friday and Saturday night till 9pm. The popular 20-year-old tradition will continue through to mid-September, conditions permitting. From Monday, the Coronet Express chairlift will also be open for people to ski first tracks from 8am – an hour before the lifts officially open.



Old school

As part of Winter Festival, Coronet Peak held its Skiing Through the Decades event on Monday, where people dressed up in all their old-school outfits and rallied down the mountain.

It probably looks normal to the slightly older bunch out there! Wearing 1930s lederhosen is men’s alpine national team head coach Nils Coberger (right) – at his best. He’s sporting 1959 Kastle skis, Marker K automatic bindings, 1954 leather Reikel boots and 1950s ski poles.




Joke of the week

Q What do snowboarders and a human sperm have in common?
A They both have a one in a million chance of becoming a human being.

Mitchey Greig (ski cross) and Taylor Rapley (ski racing) are NZ skiing reps.
Mitchey ( is sponsored by Head, Pulse Fitness, Scott, The North Face, Coronet Peak and Outside Sports. Taylor is sponsored by Volkl, Under Armour, POC, Pulse Fitness, Outside Sports and Coronet Peak



Cafe Idol
McGregor’s mince and cheese pie $4

The humble pie starts our new Cafe Idol column – where we review food served on the slopes.

The McGregor’s mince and cheese pie is a skifield favourite. However, this particular pie – bought at The Remarkables – was a real let-down.

While the pastry was tasty enough, it was a bit on the soft side and really could have been more crispy.
There was meat present but, like the pastry, it was lukewarm. And the cheese was pretty non-existent. So
overall, pretty disappointing.

But when you’re hung over and hungry, needs must…

Fancy being a foodie? Send in a photo and review – not more than 100 words – of some skifield nosh and we’ll publish the best of them. Email