First Tracks with Mitchey Greig and Taylor Rapley


Altamate experience

Future stars of freestyle skiing and snowboarding – such as snow starlet Adie Lawrence, 15 (right) – were put through their paces at The Remarkables last Sunday. The inaugural Altamate Southern Lakes Jam was held to give 10- to 14-year-old groms a taste of competition slopestyle in the lead-up to the junior nationals in a fortnight. The event attracted local industry experts like MC Josh Clark and judges Brett Harper, Todd Anderson and Mikey Proctor, who volunteered their time to help the young guns out. Parklife team members Matt Johnston and Jamin Beattie were also on hand to give the kids tips and act as mentors. It’s hoped the event will become an annual fixture.

Walking the planks…

Unleash your inner buccaneer and join other landlubbers for Pirate Day at The Remarkables on Saturday. The all-day dress-up party coincides with International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Skiers and snowboarders are encouraged to dress in pirate attire and talk like a regular cap’n. Aye-aye, me hearties.

Pasty whites

Spring’s here – time to peel off the layers and ski half-naked. Well, not quite but kinda, watch out for the pasty arm glow…may stress the eyes. There’re no excuses for being restrained with your moves either – the season’s nearly over so now’s the time to throw down and hope for a nice spring landing. 

$40k better off

National snow sports athletes are $40,000 better off thanks to the Snowvision Foundation’s recent Black on Track fundraiser. About 140 people attended the glamour event at Snowvision patron Lady Tait’s Dalefield home last month. The Formthotics Performance Awards were also launched at the party, aimed at rewarding New Zealand’s top world-ranked men and women ski racers with cash scholarships.

Old-school riders

Cardrona will host the final of this year’s Snowboard Masters on Saturday. The national series kicked off at Mt Ruapehu’s Turoa skifield but ends at the Crown Range field. Over 30s will be throwing down giant slalom in the
morning, followed by a lunchtime halfpipe jam and barbecue at the international pipe. Boarder-cross action takes place in the afternoon.

Dedicated followers

Fashion statements are getting more and more ridiculous – in the past couple of weeks we’ve seen: 

> A chick with a tight one-piece suit and a massive camel toe 

> Male homies with pants around their knee caps to the point they can’t walk –the funniest was when someone tripped and fell flat on their face 

> Helmets with glasses, plus sometimes glasses and goggles – who needs both?  

> A woman taking the naked part a little too far and maybe pre-empting summer a little soon with her rack escaping her T-shirt… 

> And what’s up with the new craze of full-blown winter jacket hoods worn up, then helmets over top? 

Mitchey Greig (ski cross) and Taylor Rapley (ski racing) are NZ skiing reps.
Mitchey ( is sponsored by Head, Pulse Fitness, Scott, The North Face, Coronet Peak and Outside Sports. Taylor is sponsored by Volkl, Under Armour, POC, Pulse Fitness, Outside Sports and Coronet Peak