First Tracks


with Mitchey Greig and Taylor Rapley

Opening up options

Wadduuuuup snow homies – bet you’re all hanging out to get your grind on at Remarkables Terrain Park, which we do believe opens this Saturday (as well as the rest of the mountain).

So hold your poles by your dope crutch, wear your beanie like a saggy condom and come play at The Remarkables this weekend yo … ’twill be sick. Peace.


Promise of pristine parks

Park rats eager to hit The Remarkables terrain areas will benefit from this year’s inaugural Winter Games.

Ski area boss Ross Lawrence says the three terrain parks will be kept in tip-top shape in the lead-up to the Games, held at four Southern Lakes skifields in August.

“The parks are going to get a lot of exposure so they’ve got to look their best.” The seven-feature beginner park and the 14-feature intermediate-advanced park open this 
weekend and most of The Stash, a 29-feature park, will 
also be open.

Talking turkey

This muppet didn’t get the picture last week. Obviously this thing on his head is used as a little more than a means of keeping warm as it was 5degC up Coronet Peak on Saturday.

What’s your deal, young sir? He says, “Mumble, mumble, 
(can’t understand accent) mumble, I loike it?”



How many people got their passes clipped at Coronet Peak last Saturday? Pretty pooz, huh? The snow was a little rough, it’s understandable that you couldn’t get a turn in and a straight line was the only way forward.

However, it is what it is – the M1 is a slow zone. But let it go because more snow’s on its way so expect to stay off the M1 and go rip it in Coro and Remarks’ backyard, where the only slow zone is your conscience.

Phat beats

The Burton NZ Open has drawn some of the best national and international dub, hip-hop and drum ‘n’ bass artists at this year’s Gravis Open Sessions.

Tiki Taane headlines one of the two sessions – held in Wanaka on August 15. He’ll be joined by DJ Reno from Shapeshifter.

On August 13, Dutch DJs Black Sun Empire and Kiwi dubstep exports Truth will raise the roof of the Lake Wanaka Centre. The Burton Open attracts elite snowboarders from around the world and runs from August 11-15 at Cardrona Alpine Resort.

Best on-snow snack

Almonds, raisins, dried apricots and choccy in a zip-lock bag.

Joke of the week

Q: What’s the diff between a snowboard beginner and a snowboard instructor?
A: About a week

Mitchey Greig (ski cross) and Taylor Rapley (ski racing) are NZ skiing reps.
Mitchey ( is sponsored by Head, Pulse Fitness, Scott, The North Face, Coronet Peak and Outside Sports. Taylor is sponsored by Volkl, Under Armour, POC, Pulse Fitness, Outside Sports and Coronet Peak