First Game against Jacks Point Angry Dragons


Gentlemen the time has come for the Pelicans to soar with a mouth full of fish into the 2009 Mountain Scene 20/20 league.

This Friday we start our conquest for glory against the newly formed Jacks Point Angry Dragons at the Queenstown Events Centre at 5:30 pm. This game will also be the first defence of the IP Trophy, an occasion not to be missed.

The team to play this weekend is as follows

1. Brad Patterson Fire Crotch jnr
2. Clark Frew Fire Crotch snr
3. Damian Petre Punctuality Guru
4. Fraser Wilson Designated hitter
5. Phil Casey Allrounder
6. Ralph Winder © Beginning of the lower order
7. Dzin Wilson Swinger (bowler, not lifestyle?)
8. Regan 9 Slips Legend
9. Baa Baa Pinch runner
10. Tane Evans Is he someones relation?
11. Ryan Clements Head of IP Trophy presentations
12. Dan Wells Assistant Gear Manager

Our Manager Glenn “Scooter” Reid will be running warm ups this week once again. Be there at 5.25pm to participate. Dippers (Punctuality Guru) will be strictly fining anyone turning up early, although how he will know who is early is beyond me as he hasn’t made a game on time, ever.

To rattle the new kids on the block, the Jacks Point Angry Dragons, we will be opening the batting with 2 Gingers. This ploy is fraught with danger so please bring along dark sunglasses in case the combined redness becomes too much.

All Pelicans are encouraged to watch the following training video in preparation for this weeks game.

All other practice is banned as usual.


1. Pelicans are the only animal that can be trained to drive a tractor.
2. Good guys always wear black.

The Pelican