Fight of Turner’s life round two


Nathan ‘The Dog’ Turner’s Winter Festival charity boxing bout was the second big fight of his life. 

In 2007, Turner battled a cancerous tumour in his chest. It was cut out but grew back before radiotherapy finished it off. 

Announcers made special mention of it just before his bout but Turner says he was oblivious and didn’t hear it. 

“Most of it is a blur … I don’t remember walking out or my song but it was an incredible experience and I’d recommend it to anyone,” he says. 

Turner, a Magic Memories manager, lost his bout to builder Dallas ‘Rocky Dalboa’ Moffat – the match-up was later judged the ‘fight of the night’ by the boxing association bosses. 

For that, both fighters win a return trip to Auckland and VIP seats at the Fight for Life in December. On top of that they picked up a night each at The Dairy hotel for themselves and partners, dinner up at Skyline, a gondola pass for the year and a chopper ride from Helicopter Line. 

Turner says the fight was much tougher than any of the sparring even though they’d been told it’d be the other way around. 

“There’s no amount of training that can prepare you for taking a punch full blown in the face from another man even if he has got bigger gloves on.” 

Turner recalls: “When the one minute buzzer went in the last round it was the longest one minute of my life. 

“I was completely spent. I figured the only way I was going to win was to knock him out. I had a feeling he’d won the first two rounds. 

“I just remembering punching him as hard as I could quite a few times in the face and he still stood up to it and I thought ‘There’s nothing I can do’, he’s a very strong guy.”