Feelers fans will decide playlist


Kiwi rock legends The Feelers say they’ll let fan-power decide which songs will make it on to their next album.
The band is touring New Zealand to try out tracks for their new CD, slotted for release later this year. 

And Queenstown fans could have their say on which tunes make the cut when The Feelers play Revolver next Wednesday. 

“We have about 15 new songs to debut and we figured the best way to find out which ones people like best is to get out there and test-drive them in front of a live audience,” drummer Hamish Gee says. 

“That way, we’ll be able to see what the degree of crowd appreciation is like towards some of the tunes. 

“If a new song goes down well then that’ll be a tick beside it to go on the next record. 

“However, if it goes down like a cup of cold sick then I guess we’ll give it to someone else or use it as a B-side.” 

Gee goes on: “We like everything we record but we are biased, of course. 

“So we figured it might be better to leave the final choice to the people who actually buy our stuff.” 

The Feelers have been busy recording rough versions of the latest material in Auckland. It’ll be their first proper album since 2006 and already the band has plenty to live up to. 

Their previous four studio efforts Supersystem, Communicate, Playground Battle and One World all went straight to No 1 in NZ – as did their 2008 Best Of compilation. 

As well as the new stuff, Gee says Queenstown fans will also get an earful of much-loved anthems such as Pressure Man, Standup and Venus. 

The band will also blast out their latest hit Right Here, Right Now, chosen as the soundtrack to the 2011 Rugby World Cup advertising campaign. 

“Every night on this tour will be different as we have so many songs to play with, but we’ll certainly be doing all the old hits as well,” Gee explains. 

“For the first time, we’re also not taking a support act with us – which means we’ll be playing some very long sets indeed. 

“Our gigs are just getting longer and longer as we get older.”