Rating: 2 / 5 stars
By Henry-Stewart

We appear to be entering a stage in film evolution where it is time to remake everything. Rocky Horror, Teen Wolf, Predator and Children of the Corn are all due out in the next couple of years but I have to ask – do these screenwriters, producers and directors honestly believe they can improve on classics?

Fame does not only have to live up to its original, it also has the entire modern dance film genre to contend with,“Step Up” and “Take the Lead” come to mind. These films have fantastic and memorable choreography as well as original soundtracks but often lack in their plot, dialogue and acting. So you could see where Fame could have polished this genre and made it its own.

Talented young actors, singers and dancers are definitely how to describe the cast of Fame, you truly couldn’t have asked for better. This is why I was so disappointed by the fact that there was no character development, the fast timeline prevented any real storyline or plot and the dialogue was laughable at times. A lot of teen issues were touched upon throughout and yet none were actually dealt with. A message against teen alcohol abuse may have been appropriate during some scenes and yet it was glamourised. Yet I persevered in anticipation for the – polished and choreographed within an inch of it life – final scene which is so synonymous with this genre. It never came. Throughout the entire movie, there is one standout dance performance, it is simply not enough.

I’m not the demographic this movie is aimed at, so I do believe the intended audience will probably love it. Thus giving the world the worrying prospect of Fame 2!

Standout performance: Kherington Payne pulled off the most memorable dance performance of the movie, but still lacking in comparison to the Three-way Tango from “Take the Lead.”

This movie is now showing a Reading Cinemas in Queenstown.

This review has been written and rated by Henry-Stewart Landsborough of Reading Cinemas Queenstown.

Rated: PG – contains coarse language
Stars: 2 / 5
Genre: Musical
Running time: 117 mins